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Home Décor Ideas for Spring 2014

As March 20, 2014 – the first day of spring – slowly approaches so does the need for an updated spring décor. Whether you have thought about totally redesigning several rooms in your house or simply just repainting a few rooms now is the best time to start. The sooner you complete your redesign, the more time you will have to enjoy it, so what are you waiting for?  Here are a few ideas to get you started and help inspire your new spring décor.

Start with Your Color Selection

Before you can start selecting paints, materials and patterns, fixtures, or other décor items, you must first choose the colors you wish to incorporate into your design. Since you are doing a spring redesign, you will likely want to incorporate bright colors that inspire as sense of warmth and fresh growth. So to help, here are Pantone.com’s top ten colors for spring 2014:

  1. Dazzling Blue
  2. Violet Tulip
  3. Radiant Orchid
  4. Celosia Orange
  5. Freesia
  6. Cayenne
  7. Placid Blue
  8. Paloma
  9. Sand
  10. Hemlock

After you have selected your color pallet, you can then move forward with your design. There are many design styles you can peruse and many different elements you can include. The important thing is to do what you like; after all you will be the one living there. Here are a few ideas to help make your design stand out in 2014.

Hot Ideas to Incorporate

  • Flowers – Accent your design by including fresh cut spring flowers
  • Raw Materials – Include furniture and tables that are made with raw wood, metal, or stone
  • Honey-Tone Woods – Lighten up your space with furniture made from walnut, oak, or cherry woods
  • Bring the Outdoors In – Incorporate earth tones and spring colors, as well as outdoor styled furniture to make the inside of your home feel like your back yard
  • Decorate with Copper – Incorporate copper design elements into your redesign, such as copper light fixtures, backsplash, cabinet hardware, and other accent items
  • Patterns – Select pillows, curtains, and other fabric elements that have rich patterns that match and accent your design style and colors

Enjoy Your New Space

Throughout the hard work of your redesign, it may not seem worth it, but once you finish your design you will have the satisfaction and pride of knowing that you created this new space. So once you have finished your design, feel free to sit back and relax in your new spring oasis, after all you deserve it. Oh, and you might want to plan an Easter dinner or other family and friend gatherings to show off your new space and be further rewarded for your hard work.

If you have any additional ideas or tips for a fresh spring décor, please tell us in the comments section below!


Preparing Your Home for Spring

Although it is still snowing and cold, spring is approaching. After being bundled up inside for several months, most of us will be eager to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. However, the harsh winter conditions along with some winter time neglect may have caused some issues that will need attention. Therefore, it is important to go over your home to determine if any maintenance is required. From the interior to the exterior, preparing your home for spring will ensure you are ready to enjoy the warm weather once it arrives.

While it is still cold outside, prepare for spring by starting inside your home.

  • General Interior Maintenance: With all of the holidays and family gatherings, the inside of your home has likely incurred some wear and tear. Walk throughout your home and look for any issues. This includes: cracked or broken drywall, loose tiles or carpet, loose door or cabinet hinges, burnt out lights, broken ceiling fans, etc. If no issues are discovered, consider applying a fresh coat of paint to a few rooms, or start to redecorate for spring.
  • Check Interior Systems: Spring and fall are the two most important times to check your home’s HVAC systems – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Look over your air conditioning and any water systems to determine if any maintenance is required. Even if everything looks good, consider giving them a “tune-up”, as a tune-up will be cheaper than an emergency repair call. Additionally, clean or replace any filters, and replace the batteries in any smoke detectors.
  • Spring Cleaning: Your home will also likely need some organizing and cleaning. As the decorations come down, be sure to neatly organize them for storage until next year. If any are broken or damaged, be sure to dispose of them now to save storage space and time. Also, be sure to neatly organize and store any cold weather items such as apparel, snow shovels, and sleds to make room for warm weather items. It is also a good time to clean windows and doors. Consider steam cleaning any carpet to remove salt and dirt that got tracked in throughout winter.

After preparing the inside of your home, then move outside to check for any issues.

  • General Exterior Maintenance: Walk around your home and examine all windows and doors, opening and closing them to ensure they are functioning properly. Examine any weather stripping and caulking they have to determine if anything needs replaced or fixed. Inspect your roof and siding to determine if any shingles or siding are broken, loose, or missing. Look for anything that might need repainted, such as doors or porch posts. Clean out all gutters and downspouts in preparation for spring showers.
  • Exterior Landscape: While outside, check for any downed tree limbs or other debris that needs cleaned up. Pressure wash sidewalks and driveways and determine if any repairs need to be made. Additionally, consider resealing them to cover any snow removal damage. Prepare for growing season by replacing any broken garden hoses or other gardening tools.

Preparing your home for spring is rewarding now and when spring arrives. It will give you something to do now to cure the winter time blues and once warm weather is here, you will be able to enjoy it doing the things you love. So stop putting these tasks off until next week and get started today, because warm weather is on its way!

If you have any additional tips or helpful insights for preparing your home for the spring season, please tell us in the comments section below!