5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

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One of the many porch and patio options from Costello Builders custom-designed homes

We know that you work hard all year, and we at Costello Builders do too. That’s why we’re excited to take some time of this Labor Day and relax with our friends and family. If you’re not quite sure what you want to do this Labor Day, though, here are some ideas:

1. Have a Family Picnic

Many families get together over Labor Day weekend and celebrate the holiday with all kinds of fun, food and catching up. Invite your family over to your home for an indoor-outdoor picnic. We personally like to use our outdoor patios to shade our food, but plan a lot of games in the yard area.

2. Go to the Park

If you just don’t feel like organizing an entire family gathering this Labor Day, treat your own family to some peaceful bonding time at a local park. There are tons of state parks open to the public in Pennsylvania, where Costello Builders is based. Bald Eagle State Forest is especially beautiful and has a lot of great hiking trails at beginner, intermediate, and expert levels.

3. Go to a Restaurant 

On the off-chance that the weather isn’t so great this Labor Day, take your family out to eat. You can go to an old favorite or try that new place that opened up a few months back. Despite the fact that many people get a day off of work on Labor Day, many restaurant employees still have to do their jobs. Just make it worth their time by leaving a nice tip.

4. Go to an Event

Your community may host certain events specifically to celebrate Labor Day. Some areas have parades, fairs and festivals that are open to the public in honor of the holiday. Attend an event with your family, and maybe arrange to meet up with some of your friends there. Parades and festivals are always more fun when you can enjoy the experience with those closest to you.

5. Do Absolutely Nothing

Hey, it is Labor Day after all – a day to celebrate the fact that you’ve diligently worked away all year long. If you don’t want to have a huge picnic or spend a day out on the town, we understand that too. Sometimes, just hanging out in your living room all day with your family is exactly what you need.

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How to Make Your New Home Child Safe

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Is your child safe in your house? Each day, hundreds of children are injured in their own homes due to unsecured furniture, unguarded staircases and unprotected stove-tops. Make sure your new home will be safe for your child by taking all the precautionary measures listed below.

Install a Safety Gate

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), fall-related injuries affect approximately 8,000 children every day in the United States. Installing a safety gate at the top and bottom of your staircase is one of the best measures you can take against an accidental fall. We know you always want to have an eye on your child, but for that one time when she wanders off, make sure you’re prepared.

Strap Down Large Furniture

No, you don’t have to bungee-cord your dresser to the wall but using a safety strap to secure bulkier furniture items is a good precaution. Your little explorer may want to get his clothes out himself but dressers tip over easier than you think. Safety straps simply work by securing your furniture to the wall behind it. Secure one bracket to the wall and one to the piece of furniture and strap them together for accident prevention that won’t be noticeable to guests.

Cushion Your Corners

Corner cushions are one of the most useful new home investments you can make. Children get excited when they move into a new house but they are also less familiar with their surroundings. Make sure toddler-level corners are covered securely to avoid unwanted head bumps. Most corner cushions even come with double-sided tape and are designed to leave your furniture undamaged.

Protect Against Burns

Over 300 children each day are treated for burn-related injuries, says the CDC. To ensure that your child doesn’t reach up and touch the stove burner while you’re cooking, place a stove guard on the front of the oven. Stove guards create a barrier to keep your child’s hand from reaching the hot burners. They can even be purchased in see-through acrylics that will look natural in the kitchen and still allow your child to watch you cook.

Lock Your Cabinets

Make sure your child can’t open the kitchen or bathroom cabinets where you store cleaning products or sharp objects. In fact, when your child is very young it’s a good idea to have all of your cabinets locked – just in case.  Magnetic locks can easily be installed in any room of your home and, in many cases, don’t require drilling into your cabinets. Adhesive magnetic locks stick directly to your cabinetry when you need them but can be removed later as your child grows.

Educate Your Child

Children love to read books with their parents. A great way to keep your child safe is to read her books about different safety issues. There are a plethora of colorful kid’s books dedicated to educating children about the importance of being safe. Likewise, there are many interactive games online that you and your child can play together to better understand how to be safe around your home.

Take these precautionary measures and enjoy your home in peace, knowing that your child is safe in your new house.

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Summer Home Redesign ’13 Style

Do you think that summer is about relaxing, beach swimming, and getting tan? Okay yea, I agree with you. But summer is also about something else – remodeling homes! Those crazy high temperatures are the perfect weather for doing just that.

According to Zillow’s Summer Home Improvement survey, 60 percent of homeowners in America are planning on doing some sort of remodeling to their house (this includes additions.) The most popular home improvement? Well that would be the outdoor space. This makes sense because 1. People want to be outside during the summer and enjoying the nice weather before it gets too bad to even stand outside, and 2. This is the part that the neighbors can see, and we all know how that goes.

The bathroom is the number 2 (no pun intended) most renovated part of the house. Most people turn to the web like DIY.com, HGTV.com and Pinterest as their forms of inspiration. People are also looking for inspiration on home building sites such as Costello Builders to get ideas. So what are people exactly doing?


Brass was in, then it was out. You better believe its in now, though. Brass has the ability to bring a rustic meets timeless sense to the room. Brass is being used in picture frames and also as accessories to line the house shelf with.


Bright kitchens seem to be the main stream design when people are looking to vamp up their cooking area. This modern look is all over Pinterest and women and men alike are eating this up. Don’t have an island in your kitchen? Get it now.


Whether you want it inside or outside of your home, art has a way of setting the mood for that room. A quick suggestion: Take one of the many family photos that you have taken over the years, and put a little twist on it (mess with the colors or many go somewhere and get a filter on it) and then get it framed. For the outside, sculptures and statues always add a nice touch, but they are going to cost you a pretty penny.

What About the Living Room?

For the living room, dark (but bright) colors are in. For these, focus on a green or a purple. These are deep and pop. They are enough to make sure people are looking at the color scheme of your room, but not too much over the top that the curtains are the only thing they’re looking out.