Home Décor Ideas for Summer 2014

The changing seasons always bring a change of scenery.  Just as the change in the look and feel of everything around you when you step outside, your interior design should also adjust to the current season.  If you have yet to embrace the vibrancy (and heat) of summer, let us provide you with a few suggestions to promote the look and feel of the summer season in your home!


Summer is the season of bright and bold colors. While spring colors always add a lot of brighter colors, they’re not as bold as the colors of summer.  There really isn’t a much better way to welcome summer into your home than with some “pop colors” that stick out like a beam of light in a dark tunnel.  When it comes to summer colors, the brighter the color the better.

However, try to avoid combining too many pop/bright tones when choosing these bright and bold colors for a particular room.  Combining pop tones in one room usually becomes too extreme and excessive.  We suggest choosing one bright summer color that will be the focus of the room.  Then, choose warmer and more neutral colors to compliment the central color.  So start with one, and then expand around that! Feel free to use the central color to highlight space in your home!

Here are suggestions for central summer colors:

-Sunny Yellow

-Fresh-Squeezed Orange

-Sky Blue

-Bright Purple

-Flirty Pink

-Refreshing Lime

-Bright Coral

-Nail Polish Red

-Light Navy


When it comes to styles, there are many styles that will successfully compliment your home in the summer.  However, two styles stand out as the most relevant summer styles: Tropical and Floral.

The Tropical style is more focused on greens and blues. This can either be more tribal oriented or have a breezier element to it.  The tribal theme would have slightly darker greens and blues with more earthy colors to compliment them.  Breezier tropical theme would contain very bright tones of blue and have more playful colors to compliment. Tropical prints may be added to the design as well, but usually the “less-is-more” approach would be most beneficial.

The Floral style infuses more red and bright floral color into the design.  This is slightly different from the spring style, with the colors being lighter and more playful to match summer tones.  In fact, we recommend that you keep many of the colors and leftovers from your spring theme that you may already have in your rooms and simply switch a few items with the bold colors of summer.

Bring It Inside!

Summer is the ultimate season for bringing outside elements into your home. You can decorate your home or a particular room to resemble the natural life of the outdoors! Lots of plants and other natural materials bring a fresh, vibrant feel to each room that can immediately influence moods in a positive way.  Bring some natural materials into your home today!

Tell us about your own summer interior tips and tricks on Costello Builder’s Facebook page or by tweeting to us at CostelloBuild on Twitter!

Enjoy your summer!


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