5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

Costello porch

One of the many porch and patio options from Costello Builders custom-designed homes

We know that you work hard all year, and we at Costello Builders do too. That’s why we’re excited to take some time of this Labor Day and relax with our friends and family. If you’re not quite sure what you want to do this Labor Day, though, here are some ideas:

1. Have a Family Picnic

Many families get together over Labor Day weekend and celebrate the holiday with all kinds of fun, food and catching up. Invite your family over to your home for an indoor-outdoor picnic. We personally like to use our outdoor patios to shade our food, but plan a lot of games in the yard area.

2. Go to the Park

If you just don’t feel like organizing an entire family gathering this Labor Day, treat your own family to some peaceful bonding time at a local park. There are tons of state parks open to the public in Pennsylvania, where Costello Builders is based. Bald Eagle State Forest is especially beautiful and has a lot of great hiking trails at beginner, intermediate, and expert levels.

3. Go to a Restaurant 

On the off-chance that the weather isn’t so great this Labor Day, take your family out to eat. You can go to an old favorite or try that new place that opened up a few months back. Despite the fact that many people get a day off of work on Labor Day, many restaurant employees still have to do their jobs. Just make it worth their time by leaving a nice tip.

4. Go to an Event

Your community may host certain events specifically to celebrate Labor Day. Some areas have parades, fairs and festivals that are open to the public in honor of the holiday. Attend an event with your family, and maybe arrange to meet up with some of your friends there. Parades and festivals are always more fun when you can enjoy the experience with those closest to you.

5. Do Absolutely Nothing

Hey, it is Labor Day after all – a day to celebrate the fact that you’ve diligently worked away all year long. If you don’t want to have a huge picnic or spend a day out on the town, we understand that too. Sometimes, just hanging out in your living room all day with your family is exactly what you need.

Tell us what you plan to do this Labor Day by posting on Costello Builders’ Facebook page or by tweeting it to us at CostelloBuild on Twitter.


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