Summer Home Redesign ’13 Style

Do you think that summer is about relaxing, beach swimming, and getting tan? Okay yea, I agree with you. But summer is also about something else – remodeling homes! Those crazy high temperatures are the perfect weather for doing just that.

According to Zillow’s Summer Home Improvement survey, 60 percent of homeowners in America are planning on doing some sort of remodeling to their house (this includes additions.) The most popular home improvement? Well that would be the outdoor space. This makes sense because 1. People want to be outside during the summer and enjoying the nice weather before it gets too bad to even stand outside, and 2. This is the part that the neighbors can see, and we all know how that goes.

The bathroom is the number 2 (no pun intended) most renovated part of the house. Most people turn to the web like, and Pinterest as their forms of inspiration. People are also looking for inspiration on home building sites such as Costello Builders to get ideas. So what are people exactly doing?


Brass was in, then it was out. You better believe its in now, though. Brass has the ability to bring a rustic meets timeless sense to the room. Brass is being used in picture frames and also as accessories to line the house shelf with.


Bright kitchens seem to be the main stream design when people are looking to vamp up their cooking area. This modern look is all over Pinterest and women and men alike are eating this up. Don’t have an island in your kitchen? Get it now.


Whether you want it inside or outside of your home, art has a way of setting the mood for that room. A quick suggestion: Take one of the many family photos that you have taken over the years, and put a little twist on it (mess with the colors or many go somewhere and get a filter on it) and then get it framed. For the outside, sculptures and statues always add a nice touch, but they are going to cost you a pretty penny.

What About the Living Room?

For the living room, dark (but bright) colors are in. For these, focus on a green or a purple. These are deep and pop. They are enough to make sure people are looking at the color scheme of your room, but not too much over the top that the curtains are the only thing they’re looking out.


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